P Narsimha Raju wants to positively influence lives

In a country obsessed with sports, it is not difficult to come across a child who wants to become a cricketer or say an athlete, or even a football player. Therefore, it was a little surprising when one of the students of Visakhapatnam’s Port High School, Narsimha Raju said he wants to become a Physical Education (PE) teacher. “I want to become a PE teacher because nobody can have a positive influence on a child’s life the way a PE teacher can.”

Over the course of our conversation, Narsimha Raju explained why he wants to become a PE teacher and not a sportsman. “My goal will be to make good sportsman, so that when they win, I will get both, appreciation and happiness.” The PE teacher of his school has had a good influence on the lives of children studying in this school. More importantly, Narsimha Raju has seen people — both, management and visitors – appreciate the teacher for his enthusiasm. No wonder then, it serves as an inspiration from him.

He is good in athletics and plays several different sports, which is why it is surprising that he doesn’t want to pursue one of these sports. “If I concentrate on one particular sport,” he says, “I will excel in that sport only. But if I concentrate on different sports and education, it will help me become a teacher and produce good sportsmen for our school and the country.” While he hasn’t participated in state-level competitions as yet, he is confident that he will in three years, when he will go to Std VIII.

Narsimha Raju comes from a humble background. His father, Appa Rao, is a driver in a travel company, while his mother, Adilakshmi, looks after the house. After school, he helps his mother with daily chores like shopping for staples and groceries, getting water from the public tap and other such work. He spends the evening playing with other children and doing his homework. When required, he also looks after his younger sister – Meghana, who studies in Std III in Port Primary School and spends some time playing with her.

One individual who has played a crucial role in Narsimha Raju’s life is his Telugu teacher, Renuka Devi. He enthusiastically recollects how he was average at academics in the elementary school and how her efforts inculcated discipline in him after which he started taking education seriously.

Yet another inspiration for Narsimha Raju to come to school is the nutritious meal that is provided every day. “At home, the food is very simple. So we look forward to school lunch, especially on the day we get Pulihora or Sweet Pongal,” he tells us.

Narsimha Raju is one of Akshaya Patra’s beneficiaries who is benefitted by the Foundation’s school lunch programme.

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