Akshaya Patra supports brave dreams

Young, energetic and brave Santosh is a 12-year-old boy studying in Standard VII, in Zilla Parishad High School, Kanithi, Vizag. He seems quite excited to share his story with us. He comes from a place called Kashiplayam where his mother, Sanyasamma earns a few rupees by ironing clothes from neighbouring apartments. Along with his studies, Santosh also manages to get clothes from the apartments and delivers them back once they are ironed. In due course, he comes across many happy families and wonders if he would ever have that happiness and comfort.

Santosh has three sisters who are married and it was possible to handle such a huge responsibility only after they sold their house. Now Santosh and his mother live in a shed where they manage ironing clothes. Sanyasamma gets to her ironing job as early as possible since customers look for help more during the early hours of the day. She finds no time to make breakfast which in turn means that most of the days Santosh goes on an empty stomach to school and awaits the hot nutritious mid-day meal.  He likes vegetable biriyani and wish to eat it every day. Santosh says, "I take the clothes by cycling and need energy to manage this. Akshaya Patra’s food supports me with protein and vitamins and helps me grow strong to make my cycling faster."

Santosh has a very daring dream of becoming a dedicated Police Commissioner and guide all other police forces to serve the public to the best of their abilities. Akshaya Patra helps nurture such dreams by providing a nutritious meal and energising their interest to achieve their dream.

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