How is your money spent

Your money ultimately is for the children. Every donation is diligently spent for the food that is served directly or indirectly.  On an average, 92% of the total cost is used towards meeting the programme cost and 8% towards the programme management cost. The organisation upholds maximum transparency in funds utilisation.

Cost Per Meal Calculation

Cost Elements

Cost per Meal

PROGRAM COSTS  (Cost of materials & utilities, distribution costs and factory overheads including manpower, Repairs, depreciation and other factory running  expenses)


Operating Costs


Administrative Overheads (Cost of activities relating to General Management and Administration)


Outreach Costs (Cost of publicity, communication, Advertising and travel related)


Donor Care & Reporting Costs (Cost of activities relating to Donor Receipt, Tax exemption certificate, program reporting)


Gross Cost per Meal in Rs. ( 9.34+0.34+0.30+0.21 )


Less: Subsidy from Government per meal


Cost absorbed by TAPF per meal (10.19 – 6.10)


National Average of school working days in an academic year


Cost to run MDM program for 1 child per year ( 3.79*232 ) In INR


Total Rounded off (INR)



Note: Revised as on 10th January 2018


The analysis of the total revenue expenditure for the year 2016-17


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