A fitting end to the Teachers Day celebration, 2014

A fitting end to the Teachers Day celebration, 2014

A fitting end to the Teachers Day celebration, 2014

The Akshaya Patra Foundation orgainsed an all month Teachers Day celebration with a show on every Saturday of September. This provided a platform for several school children to show their gratitude to their teachers. The event was held at four different venues commemorating the Late Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The students gave spectacular performances through dance and a motivating and comical skit with a theme centered on teachers.

Weeks of hard work paid off when the children from HAL West Primary School captivated the audience with their performances. The skit which was orchestrated by Mr Shyam or better known as ‘Uncle Shyam’ included students from the BBMP School Kempagowda Nagar and GGHPS Tin School, Basvangudi. The children impressed the audiences with their skit and skilled theatrics during all four performances. The audience was awed by the performances from these youngsters and cheered them throughout the shows.

“Our teachers are very special to us. A teacher is like our mother or father. They impart knowledge to us and other values which should be appreciated by all. I like to thank all my teachers for their support," explained Simandhra, a student from the dance troupe.

The final event on the last Saturday of September marked the end of the Teacher’s Day celebrations for the year 2014 and witnessed praises across the theater for children and Akshaya Patra for organising such an event. "We must understand that some of these children come from poor economic backgrounds and whatever facilities are available for such children, we must extend it to them. For these children, this is a great opportunity for them to perform here in front of an audience which will help boost their morale,” says Mrs Geetha, Headmistress of the HAL West Primary School.

"It was a great opportunity to participate for such an event. We practiced really hard to get our acts right. Our teachers trained us really well.  We are grateful to Akshaya Patra for organising such an event and we are looking forward to meeting next year," explains Karthik, from GGHPS Tin School.

With a motive to bring students and teachers together, Akshaya Patra’s organised such an event where students could appreciate and value the ones who enlighten them. 


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