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The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation feeding millions of underserved children in India. We are committed to eradicating two most critical issues - hunger and malnutrition in India by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme in government schools and government-aided schools. Carrying out the world’s largest feeding programme, Akshaya Patra aims to not only fight hunger but also bring children to school.

In Andhra Pradesh – a southeastern state in India, we have Eight centralised kitchens which reach out to 1,33,343 children in 1604 schools.

Our Kitchens in Andhra Pradesh

With hygiene and cleanliness as our utmost priority, we operate through two kitchen models: Centralised and Decentralised. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, all three kitchens are centralised. In 2008, we set up our first kitchen in Visakhapatnam and later expanded our presence in the state with kitchens in Kakinada and Mangalagiri.


Visakhapatnam: The centralised kitchen in Visakhapatnam was established in October 2008. This kitchen currently feeds 17,876 school children in 334 government and government-aided schools.

Kakinada: We began our operations in Kakinada in December 2015. This is a centralised kitchen which prepares mid-day meals for 11,182 school children in 74 schools.

Mangalagiri: The centralised kitchen in Mangalagiri was established in June 2016. Here, a total of 12,553 children in 165 schools receive mid-day meals.

Nellore: The operations in the Nellore kitchen started in July, 2017. This kitchen currently feeds 17,021 school children in 285 government and government-aided schools.

Gambhiram: The centralised kitchen in Gambhiram was establishedin May 2019. This kitchen currently feeds 18,832 school children in 81 government and government-aided schools.

Gudivada: The centralised kitchen in Gudivada serves meals to 8,703 children since its establishment in November 2018.

Srikakulam: The operations in the Srikakulam kitchen was started in July 2019. The centralised kitchen serves 22,339 children across 307 schools.

Kuppam: The kitchen in Kuppam is centralised and serves 24,837 children from 356 schools since it was established in January 2019.

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